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Swan D2.1se+ stand monitor

The upgraded plus-series D2.1se+ reference stand monitor from Swan has their best parts, finishes, and tuning. Praise is universal: The D2.1se+ ranks among the better and more expensive premium stand monitors worldwide.

Packed with sophisticated technology, the new D2.1se+ is a music-lovers loudspeaker system. Add matching D 1.1se speakers to it and compose a multichannel system as well.

Special Price: $499.00 pair
Swan D2.1se+ stand monitor

Swan D2.1se+ stand monitor

  • Premium-grade stand monitor available in three finish options
  • Swan's top 1.1" / 28mm German silk dome tweeter with decompression chamber and magnetic oil cooling
  • Alloy-frame 6.5" / 165mm midbass driver with low-distortion hybrid ferrite/Neodymium motor and 75mm voice coil 
  • One-piece thermoplastic cone and dustcap, with a ventilated motor pole 
  • CAD crossover network with film capacitors and heavy-gauge level-wound inductors
  • Available in Khaya Crotch (African "Rosewood" Mahogany), European Birdseye Maple, and Gloss Piano Black
  • Heavy gold-plated bi-wirable input terminals. Removable black knit grilles

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Swan's most successful entry into the ranks of premium stand monitors

As a class the stand monitor has been an audiophile mainstay for decades. The D2.1se+ is Swan's finest stand monitor and uses their high performance 6.25" / 135mm midbass driver and 1.1" / 28mm dome tweeter. Swan's manufacturing arm builds hundreds of thousands of drivers a year but those in this model are among their most regarded.

Just what the music lover ordered

It takes these top-grade components to do what the D2.1se+ does, which is to sound dynamic, neutral, and musical. This stand monitor has excellent bass -- layered, textural, organic, and extraordinarily deep given its size and conservatively-rated low frequency cutoff. The midbass has punch, definition, and body. Mids are vivid yet effortless, and owners report a great overload threshold and excellent grace under pressure when vocalists and lead instrumentation get loud. This model's highs are nuanced, detailed, and dynamic.

When driven with good equipment and recordings, the D2.1se+ can build a big, wall-to-wall image. The speaker develops excellent depth, superb micro- and macro-dynamics, and an overall organic, natural presentation -- brass sounds like brass, wood like wood, and vocals like the real thing.

Exceptional quality and fidelity make the D2.1se an excellent value. Select from Khaya Crotch (shown), Birdseye Maple, or Piano Black.

The D2.1se+ is available in Khaya Crotch (African "Rosewood" Mahogany), European Birdseye Maple, and Gloss Piano Black. This is Swan's top monitor loudspeaker, and it's available exclusively and importer direct from The Audio Insider...for much less than it's sound would suggest.


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Swan High End

As a major brand Swan have found ample demand for high level audiophile speakers, a demand they've filled since introducing true world-class $60,000 flagship speakers nearly two decades ago. The selection at The Audio Insider - which include our own tuned versions of some models - are among the more value-packed premium Swan models. In this family of special models you'll find advanced technologies and premium build quality.

Savvy expertise

Swan have been perfecting some technologies for twenty years. Among them you'll find low distortion driver motors, thin-film planar magnetic treble drivers, and very wideband fullrange drivers. The Swan technical team has been working with these technologies in some cases for the life of the brand - longer than most companies have been turning out conventional speakers.

The M3's planar "ribbon" tweeter has infinitesimal mass and lightning fast response to 30,000 Hz. Powerful Neodymium magnets drive the tweeter's entire surface uniformly, reducing distortion and aiding very high frequency detail

Do they look as good as they sound?

Add gorgeous surfaces, finishes, and styling to Swan technology for premium loudspeakers that are as much a pleasure to own as they are to listen to.

The Swan M3's proprietary midwoofer sports a machined aluminum frame, Kevlar cone, and alloy phase plug and is mounted in a rock-solid cabinet of milled solid timbers and piano-grade colors

The Swan M1B has a leather covered baffle


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  • 28mm German silk dome tweeter
  • 175mm high-temp midwoofer with hybrid motor
  • Heavy, braced enclosure
  • Bi-wire input terminals
  • Priced, packed, and shipped in pairs
  • Multiple available finishes
  • Includes black fabric grilles
  • Stands not included
  • Manufacturer's warranty included
  • Includes The Audio Insider's 30-day in-home satisfaction guarantee
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 85dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Minimum Impedance: 7 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 25-200W
  • Dimensions: 385 x 205 x 303mm
  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 8.0 x 11.9in
  • Net Weight: 11kg / 24.0lbs each
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Total Reviews: 3

by Stephen H Thursday January 30, 2014
The Swan D2.1se+ is a fantastic speaker. I've had these for approximately 10 months so it's time to share my thoughts and experience for anyone considering picking these up.

My History with Swan:
I first became aware of Swan in 1995 with their Allure speaker. I was fortunate enough to hear them a year later and was in love. Soon afterwards the company was sold and I lost track of Swan until 2000-ish when they released the Diva series from China. I won't go into details but let's just say they were not my cup of tea in the least. Having lost interest in Swan again I didn't follow the company until years later when I became aware of the D2.1 monitor. Now this beauty really peaked my interest and I had to hear them.

Equipment used with the D2.1se+:
McIntosh C220 preamp
McIntosh MC252 amplifier
Enlightened Audio Designs T1000/DSP7000 CD Transport and DAC
WD TV Live Hub for streaming music

Order Placement:
Easy as pie. The Audio Insider website is easy to use and Jon was quick and receptive to any questions I had. Kudos.

The D2.1se+'s were packed very nicely. As soon as I received the double boxed speakers I immediately looked for any noticeable dings in the packaging but there was nothing major, whew. After opening both boxes and removed the liberal amount of foam protection each speaker was protected by a nice soft drawstring bag with matching white gloves. A bonus I hadn't anticipated was the inclusion of sturdy speaker wire. Wow what a nice touch!

Build Quality/Aesthetics:
I chose the Gloss Black version. The paint and finish is high quality. Smooth, deep finish with no noticeable imperfections. The cabinets are well built with decent weight to them and response well to the knuckle test. The port is to the rear which I like because it makes for a sleeker looking front baffle. All the drivers were screwed in firmly with no loose screws and I appreciate the beefy biwireable binding posts. I especially like the cloth grills and their precise fitment.

Now this what really matters. Even with all the positive comments I have made thus far, if these things don't cut the mustard while performing their job then bye bye D2.1se+. Well I can tell you they are impressive.

When it comes to monitor speakers the tweeter is key for me. One can't expect low low bass from any stand mount speaker of this size so the tweeter is a make or break. This 1.1" silk dome is very smooth and laid back which is my preference. I can listen for hours and never feel any fatigue regardless of volume. I have read reviews where this tweeter was the weak point however I have to disagree. It is not hyper detailed so if you are into that type of presentation, well this speaker may not be for you. It's a matter of taste really. For me it's got just enough high enough extension without too much sizzle.

The 6.5" driver is a workhorse. On the weekends I like to crack open a beer and turn up the volume. They really respond well to volume and I'd say they prefer it. At low levels they are enjoyable but I wouldn't call it their strength. The Swans like a little kick in the butt to really get going. For their physical size the bass is pleasant and surprising. Due to space limitations I am not complementing them with a subwoofer and do not feel one is mandatory. After I switch to a larger room I will add a sub but I'm in no hurry. I listen to rock, metal, synth pop, classical, electronica, doo wop, you name it and this speaker handled all genres competently.

Placement was easy and at no point did I feel like they were that fussy. The rear port did not give me any problems and I wasn't bound to a certain distance from the rear wall which is handy.

One recommendation I have is to use the D Stands also offered by The Audio Insider. These stands really deserve a separate review because they are so good. Sure there are tons of good stand options but these in particular work really well with the D2.1se+'s. The top plate is large enough to support the speakers heft and their looks flow seamlessly with the D2.1se+'s styling.

Gosh how can you argue with the price? They've even been reduced another 50 bucks since my purchase. This price point is flooded with monitor speakers and I have heard my fill but none come close to rivaling the D2.1se+'s. For what you get the value is flat out astonishing. When I was shopping for monitor speakers I prepared myself to make some compromises at this price but these speakers really make me feel like I almost have it all. From their appearance to build to sound reproduction I know I made the right decision. Give them a try.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Andy H Saturday July 06, 2013
These speakers certainly impress compared to my current speakers. I am coming from a pair of Energy xl26 towers designed for HT and these are a noticeable upgrade. Bass definition is tight and deeper than the Energy that rated down to 37Hz. Mids and highs are slightly laid back and never harsh, but still very revealing and airy. You can listen to these for hours on end without feeling ear fatigue. Sound stage is wide enough it sounds like my surrounds are on at times. Sound depth is deep enough you will be able to distinguish instrument placement up to 3 rows deep.

Overall, a very warm, balanced and revealing sound presentation with slight emphasis on bass if placed too close to the wall. So be sure to have enough room to place these on stands cause the sound it produces will easily fill a mid-size room.

Equipment used: Crown XLS 2000, Classe SSP-25, Lite DAC-60 modified.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by shannon kenneth curry Saturday October 16, 2010
IF you're looking for the perfect bookshelf monitor look no further. This is a awesome speaker. I've owned just about all the top name bookshelf monitors and this one by far exceeds them all, just give them the proper amount of break in time and you'll be amazed at the sound of these speakers. They have depth clarity and a neutral sound.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
MSRP: $1,099.00 pair

Special Price: $499.00 pair
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